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S.D. Ferrell, or Susan to her family and friends, is a multidisciplinary artist that has a knack for storytelling. The Whipple Wash Chronicles, her debut series, has been a real family affair. Every member of her family has a character in the book. Which, S.D. says was both exciting and challenging to make sure everyone’s character had enough playtime. Family members also pitched in with editing, Beta reading, character sketches, and promotional advertising.

Ms. Ferrell lives in Ontario Canada, has five daughters (the Whipple Wash Fairies) and seventeen grandchildren (the Dats of Denlair.) She is the daughter of Jack and Kay-lon, (Osborne Jarrell and Queen Faywyn.) She has six sisters and one brother (The Seven Elders and Obwyn.) Currently, Susan is working on writing and self-publishing several books in various genres with release dates starting in 2021.


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"Good things happen to those who believe that it can, and take action to ensure that it does." — S.D. Ferrell —
"There's a thin line that separates dreams from reality. All you have to do is escape one to experience the other." — S.D. Ferrell —
"If someone calls you a bitch, throw your hand up in the air and enthusiastically exclaim, Thank you I graduated at the top of my class!" — S.D. Ferrell —
"If someone calls you a bitch, put your hand on your hip, tilt your head to the side, and repeat, You said that like it was a bad thing." — S.D. Ferrell —
"If someone calls you a bitch, repeat these words in a nonchalant manner. Yes, but only when being prompted by an asshole. And if you really don't like the person you can add, Thank you for playing your part." — S.D. Ferrell —
"When life tries to knock the stuffing out of you, bitch-slap it back with a crowbar." — S.D. Ferrell —